Friday, 27 February 2009

Part___01 "millions of moments recordings showcase" 20/03/09

Well, we are nearly there at last. Its about time that i dedicated some time to explaining our opening nights choices and let you into the kind of vibe to expect with a few special links that the performers have put together!

First up is Ohrwert aka Arjen Schat from Gelderland in the Netherlands. Arjen is an extremely gifted and hungry producer, obsessive for perfection. In a normal live show he uses an abundance of analogue/digital hardware including moog synthesizers, moog analogue filters dave smith synth, korg kaoss pad ...the list goes on. Arjen has been producing tracks for years which can really be seen in his accomplished productions. Although his release on MOM finite-1 was an announcement into the mainstream, he has compiled an impressive back catalogue including his self annointed 'reduct' sessions in which he showcases his extraordinary talents for deep, wonderful and enigmatic music.

Arjen has also compiled some impressive download only releases on the fast-moving digital label 'orthinopter records' as well as a newly released limited cdr 'yesteryear'. We are looking forward to inviting Arjen and expect some deep, resonating dubby, hissing chord driven techno.

Secondly we introduce our headliner for the Millions of Moments showcase, Lerosa aka Leo Rosa. Leo will arrive in manchester ,from dublin via italy, fresh off the back of a release on 'Real Soon' with his 'Minefield E.P' once again exquisitely displaying a knack for capturing classic rooted house elements and delivering them in a complex and masterful manner.

Leo's tracks are, in my opinion, reminiscent of theo parrish in some respects in the way his tracks are deep and buubly yet soulful, laced with passion. But he employs an altogether different approach when composing tracks, taking elements from across varying genres: from jazzy piano keys to techy snares to dirty 808 alike hanclaps and rim-shots,crisp hi-hats. Lerosa's style is calm, tranquil, personal and historical – tied in with Leopoldo's listening habits and histories in Detroit techno, hip-hop and 80's italian pop. Heres an extract from his interview with mnmlssg;

"As I kid I used to listen to the radio, mostly Italian 80s pop, Loredana Berte', Lucio Dalla but also stuff like Kraftwerk or Michael Jackson – a bit of everything. In my teens I remember listening to hip-hop from some tape from a guy who had just returned from NY, I don't know what crews were on it but I definitely remember Roxanne Shante somewhere in it. Anyway, that was me for the next few years, a complete hip-hop fiend. Public Enemy, Run DMC, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash etc, etc. It went on all the way to the early Chicago house, acid, NY stuff like Todd Terry and NuGroove and then the more Euro rave sounds on R&S, Frank de Wulf etc, etc. That was me up to my early twenties, after that I went on a bit of a bender and mostly just started listening to Led Zeppelin, blues, dub, some Orb and early electronica. I guess all these styles show up in different ways in what I do now as I still try to capture the emotion and energy I remember feeling listening to those records."

I think this sentence sums up what you can expect from leo. all i can say is that we are extremely excited to invite this prodigious talent to manchester. Check the link to a very special 'lerosa: Live at home mix' provided by mnml ssg and download it.