Friday, 17 April 2009

Part 01___________"Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton/Berghain Resident/Berlin) w/ Seldom Felt"

Next month, 23/05/09, we welcome the highly impressive Berghain/Panorama bar resident Marcel Fengler, an integral part of the Berlin tecno illuminati. Just to get you in the mood, here is a mix provided by marcel for the brilliant mnmlsg crew. includes an interview with the very man himself- and what a cool guy he is:

Marcel will now be joined by the anonymous outfit 'seldom felt'! All we know is that this duo operate in some part of the UK and we highly anticipate their industrial, stripped back techno roots!

will be back for a write up soon! Meanwhile here is a mix provided by marcel recorded live earlier in the year at the doornroosje club in Nijmegen, Netherlands:

keep it deep :-)

Metrolux Mixes

Just a quick one, both XDB and Arne have both released some timely mixes for us to enjoy prior to their visit to manchester.

XDB has contributed to the fantastic blog "mnmlssg" and donated a live recording from earlier in the year. Check out this superb, detroit spirited mix here :

On to Arne, he has kindly donated a mix for all of us to enjoy which can be downloaded at:

And here's the tracklist;

7th Plain – Time melts (GPR)
Shed – Well done my son (Soloaction)
The Black Dog – Riphead (Soma)
Unitary – Shuffle (Playmade)
Rhythm & Sound – SMY (Carl Craig Remix) (Burial Mix)
D5 – Neutrino (Delsin)
Plastikman – Oldskool (Nova Mute)
Rue East – Remove (Rewired)
Oliver Kapp – Global Parameters (Indulge)
Suburban Knight – Moon Rays (UR)
Arne Weinberg – Conspiracy (Affected)
Christian Bloch – Moonlite Shadow (LL)
Mike Dearborn – New Dimension (Deeply Rooted House)
Arne Weinberg – Oblivion (DJ 3000 Remix) (AW-Recordings)
Robert Hood – Red Passion II (Duet)
Mike Dunn – God made me phunky (Whitelabel)
Duplex – Autosug (Shake Remix) (Clone)
Arne Weinberg – Invisible Eye (Affected)

Keep it deep :-)

Part 01________________"Metrolux Music"

The very brilliant and discreet "Metrolux" label brings its own artist roster to manchester for a very special intimate night of bass driven, classic rooted house and detroit inspired techno. Metrolux, while only amassing 4 releases, is an extremely selective, tasteful and focussed label, reflected by the quality output of the artists who have released records. metrolux gave us the first look at what "Atheus" aka serge collin has to offer with his deadly "undele ep" highlighting the focus on accomplished, soulful, and gritty productions, more akin to the make records rather than profit conundrum.

Head honcho XDB piloted the labels first release with "jackintosh", a record which showed his talent for prodcing, deep, dub fuelled house, stripped of unecessary clutter. XDB has continually gently shifted his reduced, groove orientated productions which ultimately brought him acknowledgement from Francois K and his label "Deep space media" where XDB released "descap". This has led XDB to other releases on "Sistrum US" with his absolutely phenomenal, twisted, contorted "espac ep", a lighter, detroit beatdown influenced house ep as well as a frankly superb spllit ep with "Quietpoint" on Ballad inc. which didnt receive nearly enough coverage as it should have done. His unique dub tech productions, with crafty elements of deep house and rolling subs, further carve out his well shaped niche in the scene.

Arne Weinberg, whilst only contributing minimally to metrolux at this point, his track on the "Edition 1 EP" released recently was the standout 'Midas Touch' finding the right balance between dub techno abstraction and Detroit melodics, a city that influences his production and track selection immensely. Arne is a name recognised by many, with his varied melodic, dubby chord driven releases on his self operated "AW-Recordings"-Check out "Alpha and Omega"- to his more ambient, emotional expeditions on "Styrax" and "Matrix Detroit". Arne recently upped sticks from Berlin to Glasgow to focus entirely on his productions and writing new material, a moved replicated by his superb releases of 12"'s over the past 2 years (Leviathan springs to mind).From the hand numbered, hand stamped limited edition releases, right down to the anonymous nature of the label itself, everything screams intimacy and soul. Anonymity and analogue soul is integral to Metrolux success as it pushes the spotlight, rightly, on to the music.

Keep it deep and enjoy some true house and techno :-)