Thursday, 13 August 2009


just want to say a big thanks to all our guests and support who made the first installment of erosion special for me. met some fantastic people and amazing musicians and hopefully our next few events will be even better after learning from some mistakes made this time around.

got some amazing artists lined up for the next few parties, cant wait for it all to start again.

be back soon with some more chat.


Friday, 19 June 2009

Don Williams Mix on ROOF.FM

prior to his imminent arrival in manchester on the 27th, here is a podcast from february by don williams.

Don has produced an absolutely sublime and deep, rooted house and techno mix featuring killers from Sound Signature, Sistrum, MDR and Third ear. check the link below for direct download.

taking in elements from chicago to detroit to berlin and further, this mix really accentutaes don's talents and refreshing approach to mixing (check the martin luther king sample speech)!!

this is one of the many brilliant mixes made available to us from the ROOF.FM team. check their podcast series here;

make sure you get down 27/06/09 - mojuba/a.r.t.less showcase


Friday, 29 May 2009

sat 27/06/09 - Sven Weisemann & Don Williams "mojuba/a.r.t.less night"

Mojuba and a.r.t.less label boss Don Williams brings the motor city vibe and infected mojuba sound to the street's of Manchester and is joined by man of the moment, Sven Weisemann.

A string of super deep, ultra smooth buttered up, chicago/detroit rooted limited releases from the Mojuba imprint, and some utterly dance-floor destroying, dark tech-edged club tools and valuable re-issues from the hyper limited a.r.tless label, has kept our appetites wet whilst we prepare to welcome the label head Honcho Don Williams a.k.a Thomas Wendel. Limted releases such as "detroit red/black" series for a.r.t.less and kicking off the styrax label bandwagon with "1st bouquet" have helped highlight Don's uncomprimising production talent and revered soulful skills on the 1's and 2's.

Sven Weiseman, whilst a relatively young chap, has been on our radar for a long time now. An irrefutable production style, akin to no other, has had us licking our lips in anticipation with releases on "meanwhile" "styrax" alongside outstanding tracks on "mojuba" and most recently "shove ep" on "a.r.t.less" its clear to see the boy has talent. Sven's been busy in the studio as of late; on the back of some seriously lucious and creative 7" releases on 'essays' he has been, churning out some unique remixes, turning his efforts to classics such as Freund der Familie's 'Sark' on a limited 10" as well as rework of "deep passion" on Styrax's "In loving Memory 4:4" series, alongside remixes for "apple pips", "dessous" and "vidab".

Get set to hear the chicago, the unusual and right down dirty; the gentle, beautiful and sumptuous house; the acid the dub and detroit techno soul.

see you down the front!

Deep :-)

Big up yoself!

Big shouts have to go out to Marcel Fengler and the seldom felt crew for providing the tunes on a special night for me last saturday and for creating a brilliant atmosphere in the process.

Shouts have to also go out to chris from mnml ssgs who made the long trip to manchester from aberystwyth in wales and provided some intelligent conversation for me and marcel along with one too many beers! ( and make sure you get over to his website!)

Finally, anyone in the london area on june 12th ill be making the trip with chris to the bleep43 party with omar s and a uk debut for donato dozzy, should be a corker! check the link here

back soon- roll on sven weisemann and don williams 27/06/09!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

sat 23/05/09 - Erosion presents - Marcel Fengler w/ Seldom Felt

Erosion welcome Marcel Fengler, the outstanding Berghain resident to the MCR, to spin some wax on what promises to be a special night. Marcel's popularity, along with other berghain residents including marcel dettmann, ben klock and norman nodge, has sharply risen over the last year and were glad to be inviting him here.With residencies at the mighty Tresor and of course the Berghain, marcel's credentials are there for all to see.

As an integral component in the rise of the berlin illuminati, his revered skills have taken him around the world, and on sat 23/05/09, to manchester. Marcel lists his influences ranging from NWA, GangSTARR to techno and house lumieres robert hood, kenny larkin and ron trent; Tastes reflected in his two fantastic releases for the fantastic OSTGUT TON label and his remix of "gowentgone" on VIDAB which received high acclaim (

Expect some deep deriving techno to sooth the ears.„It is important to me that music tells kind of a story using varied styles from all eras. That’s why I favour to build my sets up, then down again. It has to be varied and it has to snake through the night in waves.“

Joining Marcel will be the highly sought after, highly anonymous SELDOM FELT. Following a series of 5 anonymous releases of the deepest darkest electronic 12", seldom felt arrive in manchester amidst a plethora of hype. With no repress, no info, and no names available, their production styles have altered subastantially acroos 5 devastating 12"'s. Style's vary from post-basic channel dub to twisted chord driven techno, reminiscent of Redshape and taking in elements of everthing in between. No5 takes on Byron Stingily's stone cold classic 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)', but instead of a Gay Chicago house backing, the anonymous editor has opted for a tuff EBM/techno version done to exacting Music Box standards that's just left us for dead. Dynamite!expect some deep and wonderful antics. DEEP!
tickets available at:, Piccadilly and Eastern Bloc Records!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Part 01___________"Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton/Berghain Resident/Berlin) w/ Seldom Felt"

Next month, 23/05/09, we welcome the highly impressive Berghain/Panorama bar resident Marcel Fengler, an integral part of the Berlin tecno illuminati. Just to get you in the mood, here is a mix provided by marcel for the brilliant mnmlsg crew. includes an interview with the very man himself- and what a cool guy he is:

Marcel will now be joined by the anonymous outfit 'seldom felt'! All we know is that this duo operate in some part of the UK and we highly anticipate their industrial, stripped back techno roots!

will be back for a write up soon! Meanwhile here is a mix provided by marcel recorded live earlier in the year at the doornroosje club in Nijmegen, Netherlands:

keep it deep :-)

Metrolux Mixes

Just a quick one, both XDB and Arne have both released some timely mixes for us to enjoy prior to their visit to manchester.

XDB has contributed to the fantastic blog "mnmlssg" and donated a live recording from earlier in the year. Check out this superb, detroit spirited mix here :

On to Arne, he has kindly donated a mix for all of us to enjoy which can be downloaded at:

And here's the tracklist;

7th Plain – Time melts (GPR)
Shed – Well done my son (Soloaction)
The Black Dog – Riphead (Soma)
Unitary – Shuffle (Playmade)
Rhythm & Sound – SMY (Carl Craig Remix) (Burial Mix)
D5 – Neutrino (Delsin)
Plastikman – Oldskool (Nova Mute)
Rue East – Remove (Rewired)
Oliver Kapp – Global Parameters (Indulge)
Suburban Knight – Moon Rays (UR)
Arne Weinberg – Conspiracy (Affected)
Christian Bloch – Moonlite Shadow (LL)
Mike Dearborn – New Dimension (Deeply Rooted House)
Arne Weinberg – Oblivion (DJ 3000 Remix) (AW-Recordings)
Robert Hood – Red Passion II (Duet)
Mike Dunn – God made me phunky (Whitelabel)
Duplex – Autosug (Shake Remix) (Clone)
Arne Weinberg – Invisible Eye (Affected)

Keep it deep :-)

Part 01________________"Metrolux Music"

The very brilliant and discreet "Metrolux" label brings its own artist roster to manchester for a very special intimate night of bass driven, classic rooted house and detroit inspired techno. Metrolux, while only amassing 4 releases, is an extremely selective, tasteful and focussed label, reflected by the quality output of the artists who have released records. metrolux gave us the first look at what "Atheus" aka serge collin has to offer with his deadly "undele ep" highlighting the focus on accomplished, soulful, and gritty productions, more akin to the make records rather than profit conundrum.

Head honcho XDB piloted the labels first release with "jackintosh", a record which showed his talent for prodcing, deep, dub fuelled house, stripped of unecessary clutter. XDB has continually gently shifted his reduced, groove orientated productions which ultimately brought him acknowledgement from Francois K and his label "Deep space media" where XDB released "descap". This has led XDB to other releases on "Sistrum US" with his absolutely phenomenal, twisted, contorted "espac ep", a lighter, detroit beatdown influenced house ep as well as a frankly superb spllit ep with "Quietpoint" on Ballad inc. which didnt receive nearly enough coverage as it should have done. His unique dub tech productions, with crafty elements of deep house and rolling subs, further carve out his well shaped niche in the scene.

Arne Weinberg, whilst only contributing minimally to metrolux at this point, his track on the "Edition 1 EP" released recently was the standout 'Midas Touch' finding the right balance between dub techno abstraction and Detroit melodics, a city that influences his production and track selection immensely. Arne is a name recognised by many, with his varied melodic, dubby chord driven releases on his self operated "AW-Recordings"-Check out "Alpha and Omega"- to his more ambient, emotional expeditions on "Styrax" and "Matrix Detroit". Arne recently upped sticks from Berlin to Glasgow to focus entirely on his productions and writing new material, a moved replicated by his superb releases of 12"'s over the past 2 years (Leviathan springs to mind).From the hand numbered, hand stamped limited edition releases, right down to the anonymous nature of the label itself, everything screams intimacy and soul. Anonymity and analogue soul is integral to Metrolux success as it pushes the spotlight, rightly, on to the music.

Keep it deep and enjoy some true house and techno :-)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Part___01 "millions of moments recordings showcase" 20/03/09

Well, we are nearly there at last. Its about time that i dedicated some time to explaining our opening nights choices and let you into the kind of vibe to expect with a few special links that the performers have put together!

First up is Ohrwert aka Arjen Schat from Gelderland in the Netherlands. Arjen is an extremely gifted and hungry producer, obsessive for perfection. In a normal live show he uses an abundance of analogue/digital hardware including moog synthesizers, moog analogue filters dave smith synth, korg kaoss pad ...the list goes on. Arjen has been producing tracks for years which can really be seen in his accomplished productions. Although his release on MOM finite-1 was an announcement into the mainstream, he has compiled an impressive back catalogue including his self annointed 'reduct' sessions in which he showcases his extraordinary talents for deep, wonderful and enigmatic music.

Arjen has also compiled some impressive download only releases on the fast-moving digital label 'orthinopter records' as well as a newly released limited cdr 'yesteryear'. We are looking forward to inviting Arjen and expect some deep, resonating dubby, hissing chord driven techno.

Secondly we introduce our headliner for the Millions of Moments showcase, Lerosa aka Leo Rosa. Leo will arrive in manchester ,from dublin via italy, fresh off the back of a release on 'Real Soon' with his 'Minefield E.P' once again exquisitely displaying a knack for capturing classic rooted house elements and delivering them in a complex and masterful manner.

Leo's tracks are, in my opinion, reminiscent of theo parrish in some respects in the way his tracks are deep and buubly yet soulful, laced with passion. But he employs an altogether different approach when composing tracks, taking elements from across varying genres: from jazzy piano keys to techy snares to dirty 808 alike hanclaps and rim-shots,crisp hi-hats. Lerosa's style is calm, tranquil, personal and historical – tied in with Leopoldo's listening habits and histories in Detroit techno, hip-hop and 80's italian pop. Heres an extract from his interview with mnmlssg;

"As I kid I used to listen to the radio, mostly Italian 80s pop, Loredana Berte', Lucio Dalla but also stuff like Kraftwerk or Michael Jackson – a bit of everything. In my teens I remember listening to hip-hop from some tape from a guy who had just returned from NY, I don't know what crews were on it but I definitely remember Roxanne Shante somewhere in it. Anyway, that was me for the next few years, a complete hip-hop fiend. Public Enemy, Run DMC, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash etc, etc. It went on all the way to the early Chicago house, acid, NY stuff like Todd Terry and NuGroove and then the more Euro rave sounds on R&S, Frank de Wulf etc, etc. That was me up to my early twenties, after that I went on a bit of a bender and mostly just started listening to Led Zeppelin, blues, dub, some Orb and early electronica. I guess all these styles show up in different ways in what I do now as I still try to capture the emotion and energy I remember feeling listening to those records."

I think this sentence sums up what you can expect from leo. all i can say is that we are extremely excited to invite this prodigious talent to manchester. Check the link to a very special 'lerosa: Live at home mix' provided by mnml ssg and download it.


Friday, 30 January 2009