Friday, 29 May 2009

sat 27/06/09 - Sven Weisemann & Don Williams "mojuba/a.r.t.less night"

Mojuba and a.r.t.less label boss Don Williams brings the motor city vibe and infected mojuba sound to the street's of Manchester and is joined by man of the moment, Sven Weisemann.

A string of super deep, ultra smooth buttered up, chicago/detroit rooted limited releases from the Mojuba imprint, and some utterly dance-floor destroying, dark tech-edged club tools and valuable re-issues from the hyper limited a.r.tless label, has kept our appetites wet whilst we prepare to welcome the label head Honcho Don Williams a.k.a Thomas Wendel. Limted releases such as "detroit red/black" series for a.r.t.less and kicking off the styrax label bandwagon with "1st bouquet" have helped highlight Don's uncomprimising production talent and revered soulful skills on the 1's and 2's.

Sven Weiseman, whilst a relatively young chap, has been on our radar for a long time now. An irrefutable production style, akin to no other, has had us licking our lips in anticipation with releases on "meanwhile" "styrax" alongside outstanding tracks on "mojuba" and most recently "shove ep" on "a.r.t.less" its clear to see the boy has talent. Sven's been busy in the studio as of late; on the back of some seriously lucious and creative 7" releases on 'essays' he has been, churning out some unique remixes, turning his efforts to classics such as Freund der Familie's 'Sark' on a limited 10" as well as rework of "deep passion" on Styrax's "In loving Memory 4:4" series, alongside remixes for "apple pips", "dessous" and "vidab".

Get set to hear the chicago, the unusual and right down dirty; the gentle, beautiful and sumptuous house; the acid the dub and detroit techno soul.

see you down the front!

Deep :-)

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